Passover Meal

After my last post about our Arab culture night,  it's only fitting to now blog about our Seder (Passover) Meal, which was basically an Jewish culture night.

 Each table was complete with fancy place settings, grape juice, and the 'Seder Plate', which has the symbolic items eaten throughout the meal (bitter herbs, lettuce, chicken, egg, charoset)
 I love my little one.

 The Seder meal was led by our professor, Ophir Yarden. He brought his adorable little son with him, and I couldn't resist taking sneaky pictures of him. We went through the whole Passover book by reading the text (in Hebrew and English), singing songs, and listening to performances. It was so interesting to experience this part of the culture. I love that music is such a focal point for Jewish culture-it was fun to sing along and listen to the performances.

 Here is a progression of each course:
Fish (the best fish I've had here so far...I loved it!)
Delicious stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies
 2 courses of dessert: a bowl of chocolatey goodness and then a plate of goodies to share around the table. The amount of sugar that I consume here is insane.

Our amazing chefs, who treat us so well and make such delicious food for us every single day.
 The rappers: "When I say PASS, you say OVER!"
Someday I'll post the video-they totally rocked it!
 So much laughter with these friends.
 Vladimir, sharin' his hugs.


Madison Ellingson said...

so fun megsta! i love you. i love your cute shirt. I love your red hair! I love your passover meal!

Sarah said...

your seder looks WAY better than ours did. they have upgraded that for sure. no stinking chocolate brownie for us! matzo!

Melissa P said...

mmmmmmmm I'll have that......
Will you make it for me when you come home?