Never say Negev

Sooooo I'm approximately 2 weeks behind in blogging...but everyone here is so dedicated and up to date, and I feel an immense amount of pressure to be one of the cool kids with a cool blog. Okay not really....but I really will do want to be better. So here goes!

 During our field trip to the Negev, we stopped at Lakiya Weaving, which is this amazing program for Bedouin women that allows them to earn an education and an income through their weaving.
 We got a demonstration of the weaving process, which is is pretty complicated and fascinating..

 Wool, waiting to be spun and dyed.
 Joe, Makara, y yo
Vladi and I
 Curvacious Arabian stop sign.
Exploring the ruins at Avdat--such a cool place!

 sister pic. siempre.
 Judean wilderness.
Me, Bailey, and Ethan. Classic.


Madison Ellingson said...

meg loveit! love the pics! can you teach me how to weave when you get home?!!? pelase???

Melissa P said...

Meg, I love you even if you aren't on top of your blogging! I have one question, did you stop at that stop sign, or roll through it like you did at the sign by my house when you almost hit my neighbor?!?!? :) j/k I know you didnt almost hit her.... also, have you had any close calls with....you know!

Bailey Bee said...

cool pics hansel