Hezekiah's Tunnel

 purty purples.
 A harp at the gate leading to the City of David. Naturally.
 Finally an excuse to bust out the headlamps (Thanks mom and dad! :))
 Descending down to the tunnel

 Splashing, dancing, and frolicking through the tunnel. We are definitely going back here multiple times-it was SO much fun and went by much too quickly.

 This tunnel was built in 701 BC by two teams, one starting each end of the tunnel. They dug towards each other and eventually met up somewhere in the middle. So there are some sharp curves as the tunnel winds back and forth through the ground...but pretty amazing that they successfully completed the tunnel using such an unusual method. Without modern technology no less.

 Mural near the Pool of Siloam.
 We had a little devotional at the Pool of Siloam (there used to be water here) and talked about the story in the Bible of Jesus healing the blind man at this very spot. Cassidy read one of her original poems, At His Feet, which referenced this story as well. This place has such special significance, and it was wonderful to reflect on Christ's many miracles in the very spot where one such miracle occurred.


Bailey Bee said...

lets go back! pronto de tonto!

Melissa P said...

so I think I would have freaked out a little walking in that water.......