Jordan: Day 3

We began the day with the King Abdullah Mosque in Amman, where our guide taught us about the pillars of Islam, the call to prayer, the symbolism in the mosque, etc. It was really interesting to learn from him, and gain a better understanding of the Islamic faith. The mosque is really beautiful...I love the patterns and beautiful ceiling. 

The girls our in mosque attire: black capes and headscarves
The ruins at Amman.
 My dearest roommate Ashley (far right) doing what she does best: organizing and choreographing impromptu musical numbers. looooove her. 
 Green sweater buddies. 
The biggest and bestest pita you'll ever have. 
Courtney's face is classic.
 The ancient city of Jerash--definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
 Westle, B-strap, and Bagel. Besties. 
 Silhouette model shots. No antiquities were harmed in the making of this photo. 
 Fanny pack shot
The fateful jumping pic, which led to...
a broken shoe. dagnabbbit.
 A quick stop at the Royal Automobile Museum...so many luxurious automobiles. Parker would have died :)
I am clearly winning. 
A single serving of Nutella? Genius. Except I could probably eat the entire jar...


Velma said...

love seeing all the pictures and reading your comments. Great job on recording the happenings of your trip.

Melissa P said...

Do you take super long bus rides to get to all these amazing places or what? I love the model silhouettes picture, pure genious! And your poor shoe! Darnit!