Jordan: PETRAfied.

This place is incredible! The pictures don't even do it justice. You'll just have to believe me...or hop on a plane bound for Jordan STAT.
 We walked through the Siq canyon and this was my first view of The Treasury. Everyone remember that Indiana Jones scene? This was 18945 times cooler. And then there were camels...and we couldn't pass up taking a quick ride. Just so you know, riding camels is nothing like riding horses. But we caught on pretty quick...:)
 Photo credit for this beauty goes to Miss Bailey B.

 In front of the Monastery. 
 Bradshaw family pic! Jon, B, me, Sarah


This was definitely one of my favorite days. We spent the day hiking, riding camels, being wowed by incredible buildings carved into the mountainside, and taking an insane amount of jumping pictures. The two classes finally got to intermix, and it was so great to spend time with friends in the other class. I loved everything about this day, and only wish we had more time to explore the glories of Petra! 

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Melissa P said...

Holy cow! I cant believe some of the amazing sights and places over there.....and riding a camel?!?!?! You are one lucky girl!