Neot Kedumim

It was a glorious day in the neighborhood...the sun was shining, the almond trees were blossoming, the turtles were sunbathing...yes, a glorious day indeed.

We spent the day learning about the natural vegetation if Jerusalem, specifically the herbs, plants, trees, etc. mentioned in the Bible. It was a fun day frolicking in the sun and learning about the local greenery.
Grinding hyssop with Wesley
Hyssop y'all.
Then came the sheep and goat herding...
We rocked it, thanks to our fearless leader Katelyn, who grabbed the bull by the horns. Quite literally. Except substitute a sheep for the bull.
Homemade pitas cooking over the fire
Pitas and fig honey. yummmmm.
This picture makes me giggle. Sneaky Westle.
Making tea with freshly-picked herbs
 The traditional Sisters Bradshaw + J Rowdy pic.
Marriage canopy, this way!
We are big fans of sweet Jen Riding (Riding, like riding a horse...:))
Delicious citron tree that smelled so...citrusy.
Succot (booth) on wheels
Our friend demonstrated his talents and calling as a Torah scroll writer--the block Hebrew is so beautiful but so time consuming: it takes about one year to record the Torah. Really makes you appreciate the beautiful script!


Bailey Bee said...

hyssop girl!

Melissa P said...

whoa scroll writing???? that is sweet!

tea+megan=completes me

Velma said...

So happy to ready your posts and feel your growth in Jerusalem. I can feel your testimony growing and your love for the Savior increasing.
I love reading your posts and seeing the beautiful pictures of you and Bailey. What a wonderful experience for both of you and to be doing it together makes it even more wonderful