El Norte.

So we went to the North ohhhh about a month ago, and so much has happened since then that I need to share...so I’m going to try something new. In lieu of writing a novel of a blog post, this will be mostly pictures and fewer words. ¿Entendéis? Vale vale vale, here we go:
First stop: COCA
disgusting creeper boys
SUN-unexpected, but very much appreciated.
Next up: LEÓN
beautiful cathedral with amazing stained glass windows
me as the guía
Casa de Botínes-Gaudí
gorgeous blue sky and perfect clouds
adorable children at play
Pantheon of the Kings, with the oldest frescoed ceiling in the world.
sunset in the streets
crazy old man with a cane
yet another playground
frolicking en frente de the monastery
MUSAC-the contemporary art museum
Domino’s Pizza
girl’s night and mucho laughter
Camino de Santiago-Okay I have to explain a little on this one, because I think it is really cool: This is an ancient path that pilgrims have journeyed across for centuries, and it is still very popular today. The ending point is in Santiago de Compostela (very northern Spain), and to do the entire route takes about 5 weeks to complete, walking. As we drove along the main highway, this “camino” runs directly parallel, and we could see a few “pilgrims” walking every once in a while. The whole concept fascinates me.
a jewel of a Romanesque church
strongest wind you’ve ever encountered
watch ‘school of rock’ on the busride--love you, Jack Black!
adorable little village
walk along el Rio Arlanza
amazonian women
Santo Domingo de Silos:
population: 320 (take that, Winthrop!)
funky doors and streets that I loved
tour of the monastery
trek up the mountain
Vespers: monks doing Gregorian chant
back to hotel in Burgos
dance party in the hallway
 Hokay so this is suuuuper long already, so day 3 shall be continued at a later date. !Besos y abrazos!


Paul~Melissa said...

Love the blue door! And those stained glass windows are amazing! WOW~

rachelle said...

did i tell you how much i love the pic of you guys throwing your coats in the air? LOVE IT! you are taking some really Fabulous pics! can't wait to see you!