El Norte continued.

Alrighty tighties, this completes the series of el Norte. Enjoy!
El Cid statue
tour of monasterio de las huelgas
huddle for warmth in the bookstore for a solid hour
la catedral
second visit to our favorite Ali-Babba joint where the owner, McDreamy, treated us to a plate of fries and sauce.
find a lookout over the city
beautiful path through the woods, very Washingtonesque
what’s this? ANOTHER playground??? they never get old.
board the bus
too much laughter makes old men think we are drunk.
watch Sandlot on the busride home
.....you’re killing me smalls.....
 soooo this is a very different blogging approach, but I'm on a serious time crunch and there are more new adventures happening every day that I need to catch up on as well... so if you want more details I guess we'll just have to talk in person algún día.
El Norte era maravilloso. I loved this trip, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not as frigidly cold as I had been told (más o menos...). Between the cathedrals, playgrounds, bonding time with the girls, and dreamy restaurant owners, the North left me quite satisfied. ¡Hasta luego amigos!


Sarah said...

ah-MAZ-ing. those buildings are gorgeous! looks like you are having a lovely time...

Paul~Melissa said...

seriously ditto Sarah- Amazing! How much longer do you get to visit all these awesome places???? I love the pics- looks like you have a fun group of girls- is it all girls on the trip?