Playing catch-up is what I do best, so here is a post about our week in TURKEY that took place one month ago (I know, I know, blogging isn't really my forte). First off, let me just say that Turkey is a hidden gem that should be on everyone's travel bucket list. But actually then it would be too crowded and touristy, so I take that back. SO you'll just have to believe me when I say that it is truly a magical place. Our precious, jam-packed week spent here has been one of the highlights of my experience here, and one of the best weeks of my entire life. We saw scores of antiquities, danced around bonfires on the beach, ate excessive amounts of baklava, fell in love with Istanbul (not Constantinople), and strengthened our already amazing friendships. 
 We endorse hoodies (despite what Kearl says).
 Globally yours, en route to Istanbul.
 The funnnnn has arrived!

Day One:Istanbul
 With my lovely roomie-for-the-week, Samantha Brooks, in front of the Blue Mosque.
Blue Mosque tiles

View of the Bosphorus Strait and Sea of Marmara


Basilica Cistern, also called the Sunken Palace. Very eerie, but so cool.
 This is what happens when you give 50 girls a 10 minute bathroom break...we end up commandeering the men's bathroom as well.
The Grand Bazaar, where we had our first experience of "Turkish hospitality." This is basically how it goes: you are enticed to enter a rug shop, where you are offered a seat and brought little cups of delicious apple tea while the shopkeeper unrolls Turkish rug after Turkish rug before your eyes. You are asked to choose the ones you like, and then asked what you would like to pay. This is where it gets tricky for poor college students, with rugs starting at around $500. The negotiation begins. Slowly the price comes down, even after insisting that you simply cannot afford to pay any of it. Five minutes later and voila! Bailey is the proud owner of a Turkish rug (for less than $100). Great work with those puppy-dog eyes, B! :)
I loved this place. We had a bazaar time frolicking around and getting bazaar looks for our loud laughter and making way too many bazaar puns.
 The women of 303's first ferry ride together...weeeeeooooweeeeoooweeeeoooo
 Europe on one side, Asia on the other...what a craaaasay cool city. 
Our first Turkish baklava experience, made complete with Obama baklava. 

Day Two:Troy
 Second ferry ride: on the left, Sammy Sosa and I, and on the right, 303 gurrrrrrls.
 The most exciting part about Troy was by far the wooden horse from the movie (starring Brad Pitt...sigh, this is as close to him as we'll ever get)
 We ended the day on the beach outside of our hotel...which turned into a wild bonfire and dance party

Day Three: Assos and Pergamum
 Yoga and gingers on the rocks--Assos

I love the vintage-y, artsy doors that are rampant everywhere here.
Theater at Pergamum
I love my little one. 

Day Four: Ephesus and Priene
Model shots amidst the ruins at Ephesus
Just a couple of gingers, enjoying the sun. 
 Please notice the matching elbow patches...the old man's got style, I tell you what.
 Daniel Edmonds and I, looking studious in front of the library. 
Twirling in Priene-one of my favorite places.
 "Welcome to the back of the bus....SHHHHHHHHH"

Day Five: Sardis and Bursa
Confused, sleepy faces after a 2 hour bus ride...where are we??
 Working on our fitness at the gymnasium in Sardis
 The world is our classroom.
 Beauty thriving in stony places.
We jump at any and every opportunity to have Magnum bars
Grand Mosque in Bursa

Day Six: Nicea and back to Istanbul
The napping bus. 
Foggy Nicea (collage courtesy of Bailey B)
 On the drive back to Istanbul
The impressive and beautiful Hagia Sophia
 Our dear professor J.Rowdy
 The one and only Dr. Chapman :)

It was a whirlwind week and I loved everything about it! Ask me for stories sometime if you're really interested...I know for now all you want is the photo documentation. :) I cannot even begin to summarize how amazing this trip was. I loved all of the places we visited and fun things that we did, but most of all I loved bonding with my J-Ru crew. It was an experience I'll never forget.
Turkey is a truly magical place.


Bailey Bee said...

your blog is bazaar. and i love it. i love you meggity megsta!

Melissa P said...

Okay, I feel like this post was packed with sooooo much that I don't even know where to start!!!! The mosque is drop dead gorgeous! Love the mosaics! I think you need to take me back there one day. Love your old man arm patch, now you just need a fanny pack! Ahhhhahahaha!!!! And let me just say that pic of you with your hair blowing in the wind is BEAUTIFUL! Stunning. Magnifico. Please call me as soon as you are home! I can't wait to talk without security guards hatin' on us

Madison Ellingson said...

haha my favorite was the matching elbows! :) meg i luf you! :)

Velma said...

what a trip! It sounds so fun. I am so glad you went to Jerusalem.
Jerusalem will be a time of great memories, knowledge, experiences, fun, friends, never to be forgotten.

Lorie Ann said...

So cool Megan!! Love all the pics!