these are a few of my favorite things.

Ever since visiting Andalucia in southern Spain, I have been obsessed with Islamic architecture. I love the shapes, the colors, the size, the amazing attention to detail, the beautiful Arabic script, and the combination of all these elements that is just completely breathtaking. Oh I love it so. And the Dome of the Rock has exponentially increased my love of Islamic art and architecture. 

I mean, just look at this beauty!

Needless to say, the Dome of the Rock is one of my most favorite sites in Jerusalem. And the best part is that this beauty is visible from most anywhere around the city...for example, my balcony window. :)

Another of my favorite Jerusalem sites is the Western Wall (or the Wailing Wall). The Wall is the most sacred site in Judaism, because it is the only surviving wall of the Temple Mount since the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, which was the most sacred building in the Jewish world. Now the Western Wall is a place where Jews go to offer prayers; some even write their prayers on slips of paper and place them in the cracks between the ancient stones. I love how peaceful it is here, even though it's surrounded by a busy courtyard. There is definitely a different feeling when you walk down to the Wall and into the company of so many devout people and prayers.
 The side for the men.
 .prayers and stones.
“There are people with hearts of stone, and stones with hearts of people.”

And here are a few favorites from frolicking in the Old City:

street carts and open air markets.
                          Jeru graffiti art.
Our favorite ring shopkeeper Aladeen.

My dearest friend Wesley.                          Yet another pretty door.


Sarah said...

LOVE the dome of the rock. have you been inside yet? i agree about islamic architecture, it is amazing. love the photos, keep em coming! i also request a close-up of any fun souvenirs (jewelry) that you buy! and keep your eye out for those mezzuzahs! :)

Velma said...

nice pictures. nice thoughts.
nice daughter.

Madison Ellingson said...

so pretty meg! love all your sweet pics!!! way to go!

Melissa P said...

Oh the dome of the rock is gorgeous! What lucky girls you are! Glad you are having such a good time! Is Wesley part of your group? :)