My lovely sister Madison just got me started in this whole blogging business, and I am going to try my absolute best to keep it updated for the next few months as I do a study abroad program in SPAIN. I am so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to fulfill my dream of studying abroad, and I hope that I will be able to take time out of the wonderful chaos to keep you all updated on my adventures.

From January to April, I will be living with a host family in Alcalá, which is about 10 minutes outside of Madrid. My fabulous friend Katie, whom I met last year and lived with this last semester, is also going on the program and we'll be living with the same family. She is from Washington as well, and I love her to death and am so excited that we get to share this experience together! We will be going to school at the University of Alcalá, which is one of the oldest universities in Europe and is renowned for its Spanish-language programs. I'm a little nervous about taking classes from native Spanish speakers, getting used to speaking with a whole different tense, and just my Spanish-speaking abilities in general, but I really hope that I'll be able to learn quickly and come back speaking like a pro! I really love the Spanish language, and I can't think of a better way to learn it than in it's mother country! :)

Approximately 9 DAYS left! I can't wait!


Sarah said...

YAY for you, getting a blog to keep us posted on your Spanish adventures! i'm so excited for you! too bad you'll come back with a snobbish accent. :) it's ok jim and i will still speak spanish with you.

rachelle said...

Oh hooray for schmegz and her Spanish extravaganza! So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

hi megan!! it's lorie. can i keep up on all your exciting spain-travelling news? we can be blogging buddies.

Velma said...

this blog is a great idea and one that we will enjoy reading. So glad you have the opportunity to go to SPAIN.......... We will look forward to your posts.

megan.bradshaw said...

Sarah-Hahah thank you for still being willing to speak in Spanish with me...I'll try not to come home with too bad of a lisp :)
Shelle-I see you in 6 days my love.
Lorie-OF course you can! You're kindof like family anyway :)
Mommy-Hopefully I can keep it up to date while I'm there so you guys know I'm alive and so dad won't go ballistic!